Media and Nationalism

Is the development of media technology marginalizing broadcast and “mass” communication? Does this effect media’s role in nationalism?

What is broadcast and “mass” communication?

Broadcast at its’ most basic definition means to transmit or make public by radio or television.

“Mass” communication at its’ most basic definition means the study of “mass” media which relates to newspapers, TV, film, book publishing, radio and magazines. So to say that media technology is marginalizing these forms of communication I think is skewed. In reality I believe media technology is creating more ways to transmit this information. For instance, you can listen to the radio on podcast, or channels from you iPhone, you can watch news and TV shows on your laptop and you can read newspapers or magazines on your tablet. Not only can you use these new technologies to read, listen or watch these forms of traditional broadcast and “mass” media but with the way technology has been advancing more people have access to TV’s and radios since the price is dropping due to more efficient ways to manufacture them.

Media is the main form that countries promote nationalism, whether it is through local TV shows, news, newspapers, radio etc. With all these new ways to access “mass” media I believe that advances in media technology are actually promoting and strengthening nationalism.

-G. Singh


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