Nation Broadcasting

Media as a whole are the tool which sustains nationalism. But within media, broadcasting has lost some of its influence.

The role of traditional broadcast media in sustaining nationalism has decreased. New technologies, which originally didn’t focus on mass communication and broadcasting, such as smart phones and the internet have given us more control on our media consuming habits. However they also offer new ways of sustaining nationalism

The old ritual of a nation tuning to the news all at the same time and collectively form their joint reality has changed. People today don’t have to stay by a television set or a radio, with smart phones the ritual doesn’t include everyone doing the same thing at the same time. We can get a collective feeling for example, when we all receive breaking news updates to our phones. A joint reality is formed without everyone doing the same thing. Those updates can even follow members of a nation outside their country, maintaining the joint reality over distance.

But it is not only the news that can reach us outside the air waves. Governments long learned to utilize the internet and social networks in order to reach the public, making sure it will rally around the flag. Here is an example of a prime minister bypassing the old broadcast system to reach his public via the internet:

Furthermore, new technologies allow each one of us, the members of a nation, to sustain our nationalism. We can all share our every thought with our family, friends and even strangers as if each one of us is a walking-talking broadcast station. While there are some who uses these technologies to preach against nationalism and its outcome, they are a minority. The majority sustains nationalism in its personal broadcasts, sometimes without even realizing it.

Nationalism as an idea is still very strong today, and with the right means of technology, it is being sustained mouth to hear, or maybe keyboard to screen.



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