McDonalds and Glocalization

The increasing cultural, political, and economic interdependence of the world today has resulted in increased market opportunities and trade for multinational corporations. New markets necessitate new marketing strategies, good, bad and ugly. McDonalds Corporation is well-known not only for their burgers, but also for employing one of the most effective global marketing strategies out there. How? Glocalization!

This includes locally adapted products, such as:

Pineapple Pie in Thailand: Fruity pineapple filling fried in exactly the same way as the iconic apple pie.

McKroket Netherlands: A gooey cheese and beef croquette that’s been breaded and deep fried. Served in a bun with mustard sauce and nothing else.

Additionally, while McDonalds employs a global executive marketing team, within each country that they operate in, local teams adapt or create advertising that meets local tastes. An example I like:

Even when executive marketing puts out ads, they are intentionally use universally appealing images, music, and avoid using any specific language so that viewers from around the globe can all relate to the material. I love this one from the London 2012 Olympics:

Practitioners of international communication can learn a lot from studying the way MNCs advertise and customize their products to local markets.


2 thoughts on “McDonalds and Glocalization

  1. I never eat McDonalds here in the U.S. but in India hundreds of miles from the closest city, near my families farm, there is a McDonalds and I get my egg sandwich, newspaper and coffee there almost every morning….

    I am not a fan of the quality of food but I do like the consistency of the establishment where ever you find one.


  2. It’s also interesting because even within a country, Mc Donald’s seems to try to incorporate “local flavor”. Restaurants around here seem to boast sweet tea, whereas menus in Hawaii offer portuguese sausage, rice and spam.


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