MTV Culture

MTV Music Video Awards India 2014

When I think of U.S. pop culture, I think of MTV, I think of tabloids, celebrities and red carpets. This culture has now crossed the ocean and is being mimicked in it’s entirety in India. In the following video’s on youtube you can compare and contrast the two cultures and their take on the 2013 MTV Music Awards, one taking place in India and on in the US.

I find it fascinating how much the Bollywood culture mimicked the Hollywood culture. It is a great example of how Global Media adapts to new culture’s as well as maintain’s certain aspects. This reminded me of Jade Miller’s article on Ugly Betty, the characters and theme remain they same while the culture influences certain aspects of the show.

I find this to be a great example since MTV originally from the US has become a global channel, translated and contextualized to fit many cultures around the world.

-G Singh